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    Testosterone Medical Center offers very affordable testosterone replacement therapy & low testosterone treatment with their $399 10-week testosterone replacement therapy program. Cost includes in-office screen...
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    If you or a loved one has experienced any of the symptoms listed below, you may be dealing with low testosterone. Don't let low testosterone rob you of another day... Call us today to schedule a free consultation!
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Testosterone Therapy Dallas TX

Testosterone Medical Center (972) 460-6035

Those who have experienced the low testosterone symptoms listed below may be a candidate for low testosterone therapy Dallas TX.

  • Noticeable Increase in Body Fat
  • General Fatigue, Loss of Energy, Stamina
  • Reduced Interest in Sexual Activity
  • General Sense of Irritability
  • Lessened Ability to Concentrate
  • Decline in Muscle Tone
  • Sadness and Depression

Those who've noticed one or more of these symptoms could have a condition known as hypogonadism, or low testosterone. Low testosterone affects several million men in the United States. Sadly, many of these men will dismiss their symptoms as an unavoidable part of aging and will unnecessarily continue in their state. If only these men knew that low testosterone is usually treatable with affordable and accessible low testosterone treatment in Dallas.

Low Testosterone Treatment Dallas TX

Low testosterone is a condition that is typically reversible with a series of testosterone injections called Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). The Testosterone Medical Center, located just north of Dallas in Richardson, has administered testosterone therapy to several male patients who were determined to be testosterone deficient by screening and lab work. Almost all of these men who were treated experienced a noticeable increase in their energy levels, sexual interest, vitality, and overall quality of life.

If you've noticed these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, it is important that you initiate a process to address these concerns. Though often associated with energy levels and sexuality, low testosterone is believed to also be associated with an increased rate of mortality and other serious effects.

Call the Testosterone Medical Center today at 972-460-6035 to schedule a free consultation or click the link below to take a simple "T" Quiz that will help determine whether or not you or your loved one is a candidate for testosterone therapy in Dallas.

Take the "T" Quiz

Wondering if you are testosterone deficient?  The Testosterone Medical Center offers a simple quiz free of charge for those who suspect that they may have abnormally low testosterone levels. Click the link below to take the free, no-obligation quiz and see if you are a possible candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Take the "T" Quiz

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